martedì 23 novembre 2021

WHAT’S ON AT PAFF! Palazzo Arti Fumetto Friuli, Pordenone MŒBIUS - In search of time Pordenone, 23 November 2021 - continues to present key global figures from the world of comics, following Cavazzano for Disney, Milton Caniff with his historic American adventure strips, the Marvel and DC masters with their superheroes, and a comprehensive look, beyond erotica, at Milo Manara, North Italy will now host the most renowned fantasy and science-fiction artist: MŒBIUS - In search of time, the largest ever Italian exhibition of the work of Mœbius (Jean Henri Gaston Giraud, 1938–2012), one of the most influential cartoonists and illustrators of all time, master of the French “ninth art” and author of renowned, visionary works translated into many languages such as Arzach, The Airtight Garage and The Incal. The exhibition leads visitors through the fantastic world of Mœbius (pronounced with a German ö), exploring his relationship with time, which has always been one of the most significant and memorable themes of his art. This world is not the present, the past or the future, but seems to exist in an infinite loop (the œ of his name also brings to mind the infinity symbol), which engages all comic and art lovers in an ongoing interplay of past dimensions and nascent destinies, reality and science fiction, adding a surreal and dreamlike aspect to images that are already quite astonishing. The exhibition includes more than three hundred works, with 153 original drawings and 174 reproductions of various types: signed engravings, limited-edition signed prints, Dbond prints, and digital and scenographic reproductions, distributed throughout the rooms of the gallery in the modern wing of Villa Galvani in Pordenone, home of PAFF!.
The innovative exhibition design features augmented reality, with some of the works on display really coming to life; simply download an APP and frame the works with any smartphone. Look out for these images in the impressive exhibition rooms of the museum from 13 November. The exhibition is organised by PAFF! in collaboration with COMICON, under the artistic direction of Mœbius Production. “This original and unique exhibition on the works of Mœbius,” commented Regional Councillor for Culture Tiziana Gibelli, “demonstrates once again how PAFF! is an example of Italian and international excellence in the world of comics. The exhibition not only brings together more than three hundred pieces by the great French artist, but enables visitors to enjoy them through innovative use of augmented reality, making the exhibition even more engaging for young people and adults alike. I would also like to mention the contribution to celebrations of the seventh centenary of Dante Alighieri’s death, with an entire section dedicated to Il Paradiso through the eyes of Mœbius: an unusual representation that is definitely worth seeing in person.”œbius_anteprima_13_min.jpg
La mostra Mœbius - Alla ricerca del tempo The exhibition is accompanied by a beautiful 178-page colour catalogue in Italian and French, bringing together all the works on display, thanks to the in-depth research and work carried out by Mœbius Production and COMICON, with contributions from Isabelle Giraud (Editorial Director, Mœbius Production), Claudio Curcio (General Manager, COMICON), Jean Michel Folon (Illustrator), Olivier Gal (Portait&Compagnie), and Hervé Le Guyader (Professor of evolutionary biology). It also includes in-depth analysis, a letter from Federico Fellini and excerpts from Dante’s Il Paradiso. All of this is accompanied by the extraordinary and ingenious colours and forms of Mœbius’ work.œbius_anteprima_9_min.jpg